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Route no. 1: Red triangle - Valea Sâmbetei

Mănăstirea Brancoveanu (690m) - Complexul Floarea Reginei - Cabana Valea Sâmbetei (1401m) - Refugiul Salvamont -Fereastra Mare (2188m)

Length: ~8km

Drop: 1498 m

Duration: 5-6 hrs in summer, 8-10 hrs in winter

Difficulty: average; dangerous in winter

Gear: complex

Brancoveanu Monastery, where the description of the route begins, is reached after a 15km's drive from Sambata de Jos (DN1/E68) on the asphalt road DJ105B. The road turns into a forest road from the meeting point with the road towards Victoria town and climbs along the river. Opposite the hotel Floarea Reginei, in Poiana Urzicii, we see the trail marked with a red point, taking to Drăgușului Ridge (Route no. 2).

At 5.2 km from the monastery, the forest road ends on the left bank of the river, on the wooded eastern side of Drăgușului ridge.

From here we follow the path which gently climbs along the left bank with rich vegetation characteristic of humid valleys. At left, Sambata river flows swiftly swirling in small waterfalls named La Valtori. 30 minutes later, we cross the stream on a small bridge and for a short time we walk on the right bank, to return then on the left river begin climbing a steeper slope. We cross a spruce forest and before getting out of it we meet the trail marked with red point which, in about 1.5 hrs reaches Coliba lu' Remus Sofonea, the hunting lodge in Drăgușului Ridge (Route no. 2).

We reach the glacial sector of the valley after about 2 hrs. We are, now, near the former sheepfold in Valea Sâmbetei, dominated by Drăgușului Ridge. Across the water we see Sâmbetei ridge and, at the tree line, we notice a group of bare rocks, named Piatra Caprei.

In this point a trail marked with blue triangle goes to Piatra Caprei. It crosses the river, climbs on its right bank goes across a glade, then winds in short bends on the steep slope to reach the rocks, above the spruce line. A large view unfolds towards the peaks Budru-GSISsescu and the entire Dragusului ridge. It takes about 1 hr to reach Piatra Caprei and come back. Form the former sheepfold, we continue uphill. The trail mark appears now on poles or rock. Before long we are near the chalet Valea Sâmbetei.

In front of the chalet, a trail marked with a blue cross takes us, in about 30-45 minutes, to the hermitage of Priest Arsenie Boca, a cell dug in the rock. The trail is well marked, but the path is rather damaged.

To reach the ridge of the mountain we follow the trail which starts from the chalet. It goes southwards, on a gentle slope, along the left side of the valley which now has a typical glacial aspect, with wooded mountain sides damaged by torrents and avalanches. We pass close to the alpine shelter of the Mountain Rescue Team and after about 20 minutes, we are in the point called Fundul Vaii, where we meet the trail marked with blue point, coming from Caldarea Racorele (Route no. 3).

We continue walking on the red triangle and come to another crossroad. In La Cruce point a trail goes eastwards. The blue triangle takes hikers to Piatra Caprei, and the red point goes to Cheia Bandei.

Our trail, marked with red triangle, leads, on a steep slope, to the cirque Caldarea Buna. We keep climbing, leaving to left the rocks of Coltul Balaceni.

When the trail reaches the rock wall of Fereastra Mare, it turns to left and begins winding in bends that get narrower and narrower which eventually take us in front of the mark pole in the saddle.

In front, accross Valea Bandei at our feet, we see Dara mountain, with the northern side abruptly cut by torrents. Behind, we see Sambata valley, we can see the chalet, at the tree line, and far away, where the lowland begins, one can spot Brancoveanu Monastery, from where we began our hike.

Vezi Harta

Route no. 2: Red Dot - Muchia Drăgușului

Mănăstirea Brancoveanu - DJ 102G - Cabana Casa Zmeilor, Poiana La Lespezi / Coliba lu' Remus Sofonea - La Polita - Caldarea Racorele.

Length: ~ 8,5 km

Drop: 1598 m

Duration: 6-8 hrs in summer, 8-10 hrs in winter

Difficulty: average; dangerous in winter

Gear: complex

The route has two distinct sectors: an old shepherd's trail, generally with no difficult passages, and, in the area of Polițe stream, a more difficult sector, where cables have been mounted to facilitate the access.

We get into the actual route from DJ102G (Brancoveanu Monastery -Victoria town), at km 7,3 Chalet Casa Zmeilor and ski-slope Motul Drăgușului), passing close to the spring of Priest Arsenie Boca. After crossing a pasture known as Poiana de sub coasta [The Glade under the Hill], we climb up a steep slope, after which the path follows a gentle slope through the deciduous forest, taking us on the western sides of Drăgușului ridge or right in top the ridge.

At about 1000m of altitude we are in „La Altoaia" opening, also known as „La comanda". When reaching a second glade, we notice a trail marked with red point going towards left (east) which meets Valea Sâmbetei (Route No.1) in Poiana Urzicii, opposite Floarea Reginei hotel. Our trail continues along the ridge, crossing a spruce open wood then passes on the eastern side.

În La Lespezi glade,at about 1650 m elevation, we find an old hunting lodge, now refurbished, which bears the name of a local hero from Drăguș village, one of the many who fought against the instauration of the communism. Coliba lu' Remus Sofonea, former hunting lodge named Muchia Drăgușului, is a mountain shelter where hikers can stay overnight in bivouac conditions. A large view opens over the south-western area, over Viștișoara.

When getting out of this opening we leave to our left a new ramification of the trail, again marked with a red circle, which connects with Route no. 1, Valea Sâmbetei, close to Valea Sâmbetei chalet. We continue our hike walking through a cluster of small fir trees and in about 10 minutes we reach the alpine barren area. Alarge panorama of the imposing ridges unfolds in this point. In the east, we have Valea Sâmbetei, and in the west, Vistisoarei Valley, dominated on its other side by Zanoagei Ridge, with steep crest and rocky walls interrupted by deep narrow valleys ending in scree.

The first prominent peak on Drăgușului Ridge is Noaghea Peak (2012m). From here, the path goes on the eastern side around a rocky area leaving behing Crinta Peak (2114m), where we can see a stone hut, and Claia Codrei Peak (2183m). The trail continues up and down valleys.

The sector near Polițe stream is more difficult, therefore the cables fitted in the rocks are indeed useful.

We pass over the eastern foot of Piatra Rosje Peak, where we meet the trail mark on a metal pole. This is an exceptional belvedere spot, with a large sight overthe northern mountain walls.

From east to north, we see Cheia Bandei Peak in Sâmbetei Ridge, the cirque Fundul Bandei, Coltul Balaceni Peak and Caldarea buna cirque, Budru (orSlanina) Peak, Galasescu Mic, and Galasescu Mare peaks, and right below our feet, Caldarea Racorele cirque, and Curtea Otelelor cirque. In Racorele cirque we can notice two small lakes.

20 minutes later, we meet the trail marked with blue point and we can continue our hike either towards the west, on Route no. 3, going to Viștișoara or towards the east, to Valea Sâmbetei.

Traseul nr.1Traseul nr.1Traseul nr.1Traseul nr.1
Vezi Harta

Route no. 3: Blue dot - Viștișoara

Viștișoara Village - Valea Viștișoara - Lacul Viștișoara - Caldarea Racorele

Length: - 8,5 km

Drop: 1590 m

Duration: 7-8 hrs in summer; 10-12 hrs in winter

Difficulty: high; very dangerous in winter

Outfit: complex

To reach the beginning of the route, the mouth of Viștișoara valley, where a panel is placed, showing this route, we go from Drăguș village to Viștea de Sus village, on 104 A, road. Then we take road 103D, along Viștișoara river, to reach DJ102G, in Viștișoara village. The point can also be reached from Brancoveanu monastery, in the east, or from Victoria town, in the west.

Aforest road, severely damaged by avalanches and floods, begins at the panel placed on DJ102G, to take us southwards, along the river. This forest road ends after about 3.5 km at the far end of Lunca Larga glade, where the real trail, marked with blue point, begins. Damages made by recent floods can stll be seen on this trail which goes upwards on the narrowest valley on the northern side of Făgărașului Mountains.

We are on the western bank of Viștișoara river and during the 2 hrs walk through the forest we are going to cross the riverfourtimes.

When leaving the forest for the alpine barren area an extraordinary sight unfolds in front of us, showing Drăgușului Ridge, in the east, and the steep gullies of Zanoaga Ridge, in the west.

This point offers the best view over the western abrupt of Piatra Rosie [The Red Stone], wild area, almost untouched, a true paradise of chamois. From here we can also see the three distinct terraces which continue the valley southwards. On the first terrace, a shepherd's hut can be seen.

Lake Viștișoara is hidden among the fallen boulders on the third terrace. It takes about to hours to reach tree line.

The area surrounding the lake is covered with huge boulders and offers, towards the south, the view of Galasescu Mare and Galbenele peaks, and of the inaccessible vertical rock wall between them, with four narrow valleys similarto ditches, and Viștișoara saddle.

From the lake we turn left and climb the steep slope leading to the saddle Curmatura Racorelelor, from where we gently climb down in the cirque Caldarea Racorele. Down in the cirque, we meet Route no. 2, marked with red point and we can either follow this trail northwards, on Muchia Drăgușului, or we can keep walking on the trail marked with the blue point, to reach Valea Sâmbetei (Route no. 1).

Traseul nr.2Traseul nr.2Traseul nr.2Traseul nr.2
Vezi Harta

Route no.4: Valea Vistea Mare-Red triangle

Victoria City (640m) - Valea Viștea Mare - Saua Portita Viștei (2310m) [access to Moldoveanu Peak (2544m)]

Length: - 9,5 km

Drop: 1670 m

Duration: 7-8 hrs in summer; 10-12 hrs in winter

Difficulty: high; dangerous in winter

Outfit: complex

The route begins in the centre of Victoria town, (640) and follows road DJ102G (that links Victoria and Brancoveanu Monastry) eastwards, crossing the railroad. After about 1 km we cross Corbu stream, then turn towards south-east, having on our right side and in front the wooden foot of Viștei Mari ridge. After a 5 km's walk along the road, we reach Branistea Viștei, where a forest road begins towards south (right) along Viștei Mari Valley. A large panel is placed here, showing the trail herein described. We follow the road on the right and after about 400 m we pass by the forest district lodge and residential area. We approach the river Viștea Mare, walking on its wester bank.

After about 3 km from the lodge we cross Viștea Mare stream before meeting Pietricelei brook, coming from the east. The forest road continues along the eastern bank for about 1 km and ends in Poiana Terzii (850m), crossed by Terzii brook, coming from the east. It takes between 75 to 90 minutes to walk from the forest range lodge to this point. From here, the trail winds upwards towards east and at a higher level crosses Piciorul Zanoagei, by crossing Piciorului brook, then it comes back along the valley bottom, in Poienitele Frumoase. We climb slightly along the stream, passing on the western bank. Coniferous forest gradually replaces the deciduous trees. When meeting Pârâul Calului, flowing from east, we cross again on the western bank. After Pârâul Leutei brook, coming from the west, from under Sauta din Muchia Viștei (the saddle in Viștei ridge) we leave on the left the beautiful water fall of Moara Oaghii, a wonderful sight especially in spring, when all streams have rich flows.

The trail gets steeper and steeper until we meet Fantanita Rece (Cold Fountain), a water source located on the right of the trail, where we can get fresh water. A new alpine shelter, named Fantanita Viștei, built of glass fiber, with a capacity of 30 beds, is located here. We get out of the forest, cross the river once more and walking along the eastern river we meet a sheepfold (1450m). Not long ago, a hunting lodge existed close to this sheepfold, now destroyed by the weather. The walkfrom Poiana Terzii to the sheepfold takes about 2 hrs. From the sheepfold we continue southwards, on the eastern side of the valley. Across the water we can see Pârâul Fantanii, coming from the west, from under La Fantana saddle (2260), located in Viștea Mare ridge, southwards from Fantana peak (2286). Soon, Viștea Mare becomes a dry valley and we continue walking on the rocks. After another 45 minutes' walk from the sheepfold we reach the terrace of the glacial cirque (1640), where we meet Bordeiul Mieilor. Eastwards we have the small cirque Vartopul Viștei, also named Hartopul Ursului, from where the stream Pârâul din Hartop, the last source of water we meet, comes. From the south side of the glacial terrace we climb towards the hilly formation named La Pripon, where one can still notice the foundation of a former alpine shelter. From here we have a clear sight of the peak Viștea Mare with Orzanele saddle, and towards the south we can see Viștei Ridge, Zanoaga Ridge and, faraway, Tara Oltului.

We continue climbing towards south-south-east, through an area covered with holders, then we turn towards south-west and reach a large boulder not far from a torrent bottom, where we turn left (south-east) and diagonally cross the scree which covers the bottom of the glacial valley. We keep climbing until we reach the northern wall of the main ridge, turn south west and go upwards, along the rock wall. A huge monolith will draw our attention, Dintele Dracului (the Devil's Fang). Close to a metal mark pole is located. From here we turn left, south-south east and we reach Portita Viștei [Viștei Gate] (2310m) where we meet the crest trail, marked with red stripe. Towards the south the red triangle trail climbs down towards Lacul Triunghiular, Valea Rea and Nucsoara village. Duration of hike from the sheepfold in Viștea Mare Valley to Portita Viștei: 3-3 ½ hrs.

Traseul nr.3Traseul nr.3Traseul nr.3Traseul nr.3
Vezi Harta

Main route: red bullet

Hîrseni – Copăcel – Vf. Pietriceaua – Vf. De Amiază – Muchia Scoarţa – Curmătura Ţiganului – Vf. Berevoescu Mare

Location: Braşov County, Hîrseni Commune, Făgăraş Massif


a) Duration: 7-8 hours up, 6-7 hours down

b) Practicable route all year long

c) Difficulty: average

d) Equipment: medium


The route starts from the center of the Hîrseni village, from the Fagaras Depression, and it follows the communal road through the Copacel village. It crosses Câmpul Mare and it gets to the foot of the Fagaras Mountains. The ascent becomes more pronounced and the altitude rises from 550 m to over 1500 m in the Pietriceaua Peak.

Vezi Harta

Secondary route: blue bullet

Valea Sebeşului – Vf. Pietriceaua

Location: Braşov County, Hîrseni Commune, Făgăraş Massif


a) Duration: 2-3 hours up, 1-2 hours down

b) Route practicable all year long

c) Difficulty: average

d) Equipment: medium

After you go through the Pietriceaua Glade you continue climbing up and you get to Vârful de Amiază peak. After this point, you reach the ascents on the Muchia Scoarţa. Here you will find the Scoarta saddle, at aproximatelly 40 min away from Vârful de Amiază. After another 15 minutes from the saddle there is a link with Valea Berivoiului , following another route

Vezi Harta

Main route: blue bullet

Muchia Scoarţa – Piciorul Bătrân – Valea Berivoiului

– Recea Locality

Location: Braşov County, Recea Commune ,Făgăraş Massif


a) Duration: 5-6 hours up, 4-5 hours down

b) Practicable route all year long

c) Difficulty: average

d) Equipment: medium

At the end of Muchia Scoarţa, you climb down to Curmătura Ţiganului where a new link Valea Sebeşului can be found

Vezi Harta

Secondary route: red cross

Curmătura Ţiganului – Valea Sebeşului

Location: Braşov County, Hîrseni Commune, Făgăraş Massif


a) Duration: 2-3 hours up, 1-2 hours down

b) Practicable route all year long

c) Difficulty: average

d) Equipment: medium

From Curmătura Ţiganului the route goes on the right side of Beliei Mari until the Berivoiescu Mare Peak where you can find the ridge route of the Fgaras Mountains(marked with a red band). Before reaching the ridge, at Crucea Ciobanului you will find the Berevoiescu refuge.

Vezi Harta

Main route: yellow triangle

Mărgineni - Văcarea Mică - Văcarea Mare - Vârful Comisu

Location: Braşov County, Hîrseni Commune, Făgăraş Massif


a) Duration: 7-8 hours up, 6-7 hours down

b) Practicable route all year long

c) Difficulty: average

d) Equipment: average


The route starts from the center of the Margineni village, from the Fagaras Depression, and it follows the road towards south through the village untill the Plaiul Mare Ascent. After you pass over the ascent, the route goes towards Şaua Nămăii. At this point you'll find a link with Cabana Rudăriţa through the following secondary route

Vezi Harta

Secondary route: yellow cross

Şaua Nămăii – Cabana Rudăriţa

Location: Braşov County, Hîrseni Commune and the Zărneşti City, Făgăraş Massif


a) Duration: 2-3 hours up, 1-2 hours down

b) Practicable route all year long

c) Difficulty: average

d) Equipment: average

After an aprox. 30 minutes walk you reach Văcarea Mică. This is the point where a link with Valea Sebeşului was created

Vezi Harta

Secondary route: yellow cross

Saua Nămăii-Văcarea Mică –Valea Fântânelei – Valea Sebeşului

Location: Braşov County, Hîrseni Commune, Făgăraş Massif


a) Duration: 2-3 hours up, 1-2 hours down

b) Practicable route all year long

c) Difficulty: average

d) Equipment: average

The main route goes along with the path until you reach Văcarea Mare. From here you can admire Piatra Craiului and then reach the crossroad with the blue triangle route: the Sebes village-Valea Groapelor- the Comis Peak. On the ridge route, close to the Comisu Peak, there is a new mountain refuge, the Comisu Refuge.

Vezi Harta

Main route: blue dot

Lisa - Seaca - Ref. Trasntia – Saua Trasnita- Muchia Sambetei – Cheile Bandei

Location: Brasov, Lisa village, Fagaras Mountains


a) Duration: 7-8 hours up, 6-7 down

b) trail accessible all year round

c) Route of average difficulty

d) hiking trail equipment requiring medium complexity


The route starts from the village center Lisa, the Fagaras Depression, following the road south through the village, pasture of the village, then start climbing on the Valea Seaca, the hardest obstacles (road TAF) to Ref. Trasnita. From here the trail leaves the alpine saddle to weird. Reaching the Şaua Trasnita (Şaua Belvedere), takes a route where you can see Fagaras land north and south peaks over 2000 m in Fagaras Massif (the closest peak Urlea). Climbing from here about 45 minutes west meet Caţaveiul Refuge. Then go to the top of the same name and get on Muchia Sambata where it linked up with ridge route in Cheia Bandei.

Delegația României în Lechbruck


Targul de turism al Romaniei 16-19 noiembrie 2017


Weather in Tara Fagarasului


Emergency number: 112

Mountain Rescue Team: +40.268.471.517

Brasov Police: 0268-407500

Romanian Gendarmerie: 0268 / 9 5 6; 0268-426589

Fagaras Police: 0268-213033; 0268-213034

Fagaras Fire Fighters: 0268-211212

The Municipal Hospital of Fagaras: 0268-212521; 0268-212522

The City Hall of Fagaras: 0268-211313

Public Health Fagaras: 0268-214805

Railway Station of Fagaras: 0268-211125

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Daffodils’ Clearing

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Alpine Flora and Fauna

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Sebeşului Valley

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