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Daffodils’ Clearing

The Dumbrava Vadului reservation, also known as Daffodils' Clearing is located in Sercaia commune, at 4 km from Vad and 60 km from Brasov. You can get there going from the national road DN1 (E68) to the local road DC65, which passes through the Vad village, and from there 4 km Southwest until you reach the Daffodils' Clearing. The reservation is 600 years old according to the documents and has a surface of 394.90 ha. The reservation is unique in Europe, as in every month of May millions of daffodils (Narcissus stellaris) bloom. There are at least 150 daffodils on every square meter. Besides the "coprine" as locals call the daffodils, there are also irises that bloom. The type of soil, podzol with traces of swap and the shadow of the oaks favor the daffodils' abundance.

It is said that the chancellors of Mircea the Elder passed through this clearing in order to institute the three noblemen that were being rewarded by the Ruler. They remained fascinated by the odor of the thousand of blooming daffodils. That was happening sometime between 1390 and 1400.

In 1459-1460, Vlad Ţepes and his army passed through the Clearing, while he was on his way to punish the Transylvanian Saxons which offered shelter to the aspirants for the throne. They burnt the place and the surrounding villages.

In 1771, the Empress Maria Theresa visited the Clearing, and two years later her son also, Joseph II.

Every spring, around the date of 21st of May, the Daffodil's Festival takes place in Dumbrava Vadului.

There were filmed some scenes here for the Romanian movie "Neamul Soimarestilor", after the novel with the same title of Mihail Sadoveanu.

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