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The Massif Făgăraş

The Massif Fagaras was formed from a saddle directed east-west, from which lots of peaks come off, north orientated. The oldest official certification was made by doctor G. Lindner around the year of 1700, in the area of Balea, at Valea Doamnei.

In the year of 1880, lots of access roads and road markers have been made.

The Massif Fagaras, called the Transylvanian Alps, covers a length of 70 km and a width of 2800 square km. It is border on the East side by the Piatra Craiului Mountains through Curmătura Foii, on the west side by Defileul Oltului and on the south side by the Loviştei basin. The highest peaks are Moldoveanu 2544m, Negoiu 2535, Vistea Mare 2527m and Vânătoarea lui Buteanu (2507 m). You can reach the massif using 26 mountain routes.

Cascada BaleaLacul BaleaLacul Balea

Bâlea Lake and the Waterfall

The Balea lake is the biggest glacier lake from the Fagaras Massif and its situated at a 1040 height. It has a length of 360 meters, a surface of 46508 square meters and a depth of 11,35 meters.

The lake is approximately 77 km away from Sibiu, 68 km away from Fagaras and 85 km away from Curtea de Arges.

In the summertime you ca reach Balea Lake by car using the Transfagarsan route but for the rest of the year, you can go there only by the cable tramway, from Balea Cascada, the waterfall.

Across Fagaras Mountains you can also find Capra, Podragu Mic, Pdragu Mare, Avrig and Urlea Lakes.

The alpine climate is cold and it reaches an annual temperature of 0 degrees and 1200 mm of annual rainfalls.

The vegetation consists of verdures that are growing on rocks like fern, different species of sallow and moss. The fields are full of bilberries and mountain peony. On peaks you can find edelweiss or pedirularis oederi and trollius europaeus. Lots of preserved animal species live here. The chamois, the lynx and the golden eagle.

In the year of 1932, Balea Lake and a surface of approx 180 hectares around it were declared as scientific reservation.

In 2006, the first ice hotel from the Eastern Europe was built at Balea Lake.

The balea Waterfall is situated to a height of 1234 m and its water splits in numerous smaller waterfalls. The tourists are impressed with the rapid flow of its waters. Its true size and the entire show is very nice to admire from the cable car.

TransfagarasanulGolul Alpin Balea

Bâlea Alpin Meadow and the Transfăgărăşan road

The meadow is a natural reservation situated in the middle of the Fagaras massif and it covers a surface of 180 ha. Its bordered on the south side by Paltinul, Iezerul Caprei and Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peakes. From Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak towards north, it's the east border that divides Balea Valley- Lăcuţ peak from Jnepeni peak. From this point the northern border starts and it climbs down through Transafagarasan and lower, under the Balea Waterfall.

You can reach it entering from the nation road number 1 through Sibiu- Şelimbăr and then, Turnu Roşu. Or, from the national road number 1 through Sibiu - Şelimbăr - Avrig and Porumbacu de Sus. These are well marked routes.

If in general the landscape of the Fagaras Massif presents a series of landforms, fauna, flora, glacial lakes of great originality, the reservation is the place where you can see in all their splendor the glacial circuses, lakes, glacial valleys, terraces etc.

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Weather in Tara Fagarasului


Emergency number: 112

Mountain Rescue Team: +40.268.471.517

Brasov Police: 0268-407500

Romanian Gendarmerie: 0268 / 9 5 6; 0268-426589

Fagaras Police: 0268-213033; 0268-213034

Fagaras Fire Fighters: 0268-211212

The Municipal Hospital of Fagaras: 0268-212521; 0268-212522

The City Hall of Fagaras: 0268-211313

Public Health Fagaras: 0268-214805

Railway Station of Fagaras: 0268-211125

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